Mapvision Quality Gate

is the fastest in-line inspection system for welded car body and chassis components available on the market today. It can inspect complex welded assemblies like cross car beams, subframes and axles within the line cycle time, typically hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds.

Mapvision multi-camera technology raises in-line inspection to a new level. Our solution is entirely software-based, so it doesn’t suffer from the limitations and problems that come from using robots or mechanical probes for measurement. You get a unique result that no one else can provide:

-100% x 100% inspection
-CMM comparable measurement data within line cycle time
-Superior reliability and more uptime in real factory conditions

This means you don't deliver any bad parts, which prevents the associated quality costs and loss of reputation. Your internal efficiency increases, as you can adjust your line to nominal, using 100% inspection data that is available immediately.

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•In-line inspection of car body and chassis components
•Mapvision 100% x 100%:
Inspect every part and every feature within line cycle time


•Deliver only good parts
•Adjust your process to nominal, and keep it there.


With the unique multi-camera measurement technology of Mapvision.