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Portable Surface Roughness Tester

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Convenient and User-Friendly


The exceptionally convenient and compact surface roughness tester can be carried around like a handheld tool, perfect for on-site use.

Great Performance


With overwhelming performance, they contribute to manufacturing all over the world.

Vastly Used


With constant use throughout many industries for over 20 years, the SJ Series has been recognized as the pioneer of compact surface roughness testers!

Surftest SJ-210 Series - Compact but Highly Functional

Surface Roughness Testers with Refined User-Friendliness


The portable instrument allows for easy and accurate surface roughness measurement


  • Made for on-site use, the SJ-210 has a sturdy design perfect for industrial environments.
  • EN ISO conforms stylus radius of 2 µm, measuring force of 0,75 mN, and skid radius of 40 mm.
  • The color LCD provides excellent readability and includes a backlight for improved visibility.
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation.
  • Using colored tolerance judgment provides users with a quick but accurate analysis.
  • The SJ-210 is available with a standard detector as well as two others with retracting (R-type) or traversing (S-type) functionality.
  • The SJ-210 comes in two different language sets with a total support of 21 languages.


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SJ-210 Sophisticated Functions


1. Outstanding visibility! 2.4-inch color graphic LCD - a clear and easy-to-read large screen with backlight.
2. Clearly arranged GO/NG judgment screen - Clearly determine results at a glance, pass and fail are indicated in different colors
3. User-friendly operation keys: No more accidental operation! - Frequently used keys are arranged on the top surface of the main unit. Rarely used keys are located under the cover to prevent accidental operation.
4. Shortcuts for intuitive operation - Display settings can be easily changed by operating the [←] and [→] keys inside the cover. For example, cutoff value (λc), and number of segments (N) can be easily switched on the measurement screen.

5. Perfectly mobile: Easy to carry - Convenient, dedicated case for comfortable carrying
(Standard accessory)

6. High-speed measurement data transmission -  Equipped with several I / O ports, including a high-speed USB interface, as standard


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USB Communication Tool for Surftest SJ


Time-saving and user-friendly!



The program can not only start a measurement or change measurement conditions from a PC, but also create inspection record tables using Microsoft Excel macros. This allows you to operate SJ-210/310 Series more conveniently and significantly reduce the time needed for creating reports.


This program can be downloaded free of charge from the Mitutoyo website here:


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Leaflet SJ-210/310 Series

If you would like to know more in-depth details and specifications about the  Surftest 210/310 Series, download our extended Leaflet on the products.

Mitutoyo Metrology Class: How to Measure Surface Roughness with the Surftest SJ-210