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Our Process

We follow a detailed process to determine the custom solution that will work best for your specific needs.


Our engineers evaluate your manufacturing application and assess your specific needs.


We identify existing Mitutoyo products, algorithms, and software that can be modified (with non-Mitutoyo parts, if needed) to best suit your application.


Our team constructs the custom mechanical components and optimized embedded software and firmware elements—providing 3D CAD drawings or prototypes as a proof of concept.


We install and integrate your tailor-made solution into your facility and existing production process.


From training and troubleshooting to calibration and ongoing service, we
strive to keep your equipment running and performing at its best.

Custom Measuring Cells | How to Make Your Factory Smart
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Additional Literature

Electric Vehicle xEV Measurement

Mitutoyo offers solutions for the measurement of a wide variety of electric vehicles from research and development to preparation and mass production. An introduction to precision measuring instrument solutions.

Semiconductor Ind. Measurement

Measurement solutions for a wide range of fields in the semiconductor industry, which is growing rapidly following a shift to the production of electric vehicles, the implementation of 5G, etc.


Lens Industry Measurements

Mitutoyo offers solutions for measuring a wide variety of lenses, from research and development to pre- and mass production.


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