• Initial installations -  Mitutoyo IT Support supplies, installs, and ensures correct operation of all recommended software packages. Additionally, we´ll take care of transferring your existing part data and programs. Network and other implementation tasks can be arranged as well.
  • For essential maintenance, software upgrade, or hardware replacements - our team makes sure to minimize downtimes through knowledge, expertise, careful planning, and quick execution.  Rely on clean data preservation and transfer for maximum safety and minimum negative effect on your production.
  • Instant support - even via remote-controlled direct access through our IT Support team.
  • Our team can seamlessly integrate your Mitutoyo form and coordinate measuring equipment into your existing network, link all measuring devices, and enable shared use of quality control data.



The lifecycle of Microsoft’s Windows 7 ended and upgrading to Windows 10 may also be required to upgrade Mitutoyo software.

To avoid any migration issues, please contact Mitutoyo to discuss your requirements.

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