CNC Vision Measuring System


Increase productivity with this high-speed non-contact measuring machine.


Highly Advanced Non-Contact Measurement Technology


Optical Performance


The optical performance of our objective lenses used in these machines is so high that micro photographers worldwide are using them to make even the smallest features visible - detailed, clear, and sharp.


The three industries that benefit from this series the most:




With a maximum of 4,300 magnification, various types of autofocus, and high-resolution edge detection, the Quick Vision Pro allows you to measure even the most delicate of objects without ever making contact. Perfect for large quantities of tiny delicate specimens that are used throughout the medical industry.




The Quick Vision Pro is optimal for use in the manufacturing processes of pre-stacking motor core parts that are thin and difficult to touch for measurement. This is especially useful for fuel cell separators with minute surface irregularities requiring precise measurement.




By synchronizing the main unit operation with the strobe of the camera used for measuring, the QV Pro performs high-speed measurements to enhance the productivity of semiconductor manufacturing. The stage executes continuous movement while the system measures many features on the workpiece and checks for dimensional errors or foreign substances, significantly reducing cycle time.


No matter the industry, the Quick Vision Pro series improves efficiency!



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Color LED Illumination


Standard throughout the industry, light from white LEDs is the most common. Now as an option, an RGB LED ring light is available. The colored LED model can emphasize edge contrast by changing the emitted light color. 


Using the pseudo-color image display function, the system generates a color observation image with high color reproducibility from each of the RGB-irradiated images. Please visit this page in order to gain more detailed information about this function.



Quick Vision Pro Main Features



  • The camera motion and the strobe light are synchronized to make non-stop vision measurements without stopping the stage. This makes it possible to use the STREAM function to shorten measuring time dramatically.
  • Equipped with the StrobeSnap function as a standard, increases high-speed measurement. The new StrobeSnap standard function allows fast-edged detection during movement which is 45% faster than our previous D generation.
  • The Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) function can deliver high-speed measurement of an edge that fluctuates in the vertical direction by tracking the surface automatically via laser. Combined with either StrobeSnap or STREAM allows it to perform effectively, resulting in a significant increase in measurement throughput. 


*For more information about the specifications of all the QVPro series please visit the webshop.