Roughness and Contour Measurement
Formtracer Avant

Two systems in one device - the truly universal form measuring system.

Speed and Operability Like Never Before

Space-saving dual-purpose design. Versatile. Easy to use. Expandable. The new Formtracer Avant series turns from a surface roughness instrument into a contour measuring device and vice versa within seconds – without tools. For perfect flexibility, the modular system can adapt to a whole range of new measuring tasks by retrofit.


The flexible FORMTRACER Avant Series of benchtop hybrid measuring systems can measure both surface roughness and contour of component features on just one machine by using interchangeable detectors. The customer has the choice of a hybrid solution or one having only contour or surface roughness capabilities with the option of upgrading to a full dual measurement system if their applications evolve down the line.


  • A revolutionary measuring system that defies conventional thinking.


The hybrid measuring system "FORMTRACER Avant Series" allows measurement of both contour and surface roughness. Endowed with "speed" enabling higher measurement efficiency, "operability" with automation and a wide variety of features, and "expandability" allowing the upgrade to a complex system by integrating a detector, this revolutionary measuring system defies conventional thinking.


  • "Speed-up" greatly reduces measurement time.


Boasting an ultra-fast drive speed, such as fast movement of the drive unit and column, stroke (retraction), etc., to meet the needs of the speed requirements surface roughness measurements.



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Formtracer Avant Features

  • Easy, hot-swap detector replacement provides significant time saving and the advanced remote control box provides maximum ease of use with new function keys supporting fast creation of measurement part programs for maximum productivity.    
  • Built-in capability of conversion from surface roughness and contour, or vice versa, offers a cost-effective upgrade path to cover present and future applications.
  • Adapts to an extensive array of measuring tasks, by retrofit, to offer excellent measurement flexibility using a very wide selection of optional accessories, such as motorized optional axes, linear or rotary, to bring the measuring position of the workpiece to the probe tip position fully automatically.
  • High drive speed and acceleration of the horizontal (X axis) and column (Z2 axis) movements combined with an intelligent measurement routine aids productivity by reducing automatic cycle times.