Make sure your headquarters can be continuously connected and increase measurement efficiency, by linking design and measurement. The real-time linking of production floor measurement data connects production and measurement to bring greater visibility to quality. Measurement IoT will change your company.




To increase the efficiency of measurement operations, take a close look at the design process. Just adding tolerance information to 3D CAD models makes the "one-click"
generation of measurement models by "MiCAT Planner" possible. Save up to 95 percent time with our ground-breaking CMM measurement program generation software.


Measurement Program Preparation Time Cut by Up to 95%

What took 45 to 60 minutes with a traditional "2D diagram" manual method and 15 to 20 minutes with a "2D diagram + 3D CAD" method, can now be completed in approximately 3 minutes using MiCAT Planner. 


Sample block measurement part program preparation time comparison


Automatically optimized measurement path

Measurement in the Quickest Time Possible; a Dramatic Increase in Measurement Operation Efficiency

What took 45 to 60 minutes with a traditional "2D diagram" method manually and 15 to 20 minutes with a "2D diagram + 3D CAD file" method, can now be completed in approximately 3 minutes using MiCAT Planner.


Using optimization functions, the smallest number of probe-position and tool changes and the shortest measurement path is determined by the software, and a program is generated for the measurement in the minimum amount of time.


By shortening measurement time, large measurement operation efficiency gains are possible!


Stable Measurement Quality With No Variations Between Workers

By defining measurement rules using the rules editor function, you can automatically generate a measurement path conforming to those rules. This prevents quality variations between programmers.


Also, you can automatically generate a measurement path conforming to those rules, so there are no variations between programmers.


Screen configuration and functions

Intuitive operations; easy-to-use simple view

The MiCAT Planner screen configuration provides a "simple view" configuration that enables intuitive operations (3D view, plan view, etc.). You can also freely customize positioning and window size.

Screen configuration and functions
① 3D view Graphical information is displayed. ・Measuring device information ・CAD models, tolerance information ・Measuring points, measurement path ・Measuring animation
② Plan view ・Display list of measuring elements, tolerances, etc. ・The existence of measurement and evaluation can be selected using a check box.
③ Property view Element, tolerance, and measuring point name changes and measuring point editing can be done for each individual element.
④ Program view ・Display measurement details and projected measurement times. ・Using the animation function, it is possible to execute a 3D-view measurement animation.
Supported CAD formats
CAD formats Extension Supported versions
ACIS .sat R1-2016.1.0 (PMI not supported)
STEP .step/ .stp AP203, AP204, AP242 (PMI not supported)
NX *1 .prt 11-18, NX1-10
Creo Parametric (Pro/E) *1 .prt/ .prt.* 16-Wildfire5, Creo 1.0-3.0
CATIA v5 *1 .CATPART v5 R8 – 5 – 6R2016
Solid Works *1 .sldprt 98 - 2016 (with PMI: 2014 - 2016)
Supported MCOSMOS (MiCAT Planner v1.5)
  • ①MCOSMOS installed for use in generating programs from MiCAT Planner

MCOSMOS v4.0R9 or later, or MCOSMOS v4.1R6

  • ②MCOSMOS installed for use in program execution (repeat mode)

MCOSMOS v4.0R5 or later*To use the measurement programs generated by MiCAT Planner, separate "Execution Rights (Run Option)" are necessary.


"Execution Rights (Run Option)" for one 3D measurement device are included with MiCAT Planner.


15 languages supported:


Japanese, English (US/UK), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Turkish





Using production floor data, build SPC (statistical process control) so that only good-quality products are produced. The "MeasurLink" measurement data network system gathers data from various types of measuring equipment and generates real-time displays of the results of statistical processing (control charts, histograms, process capability indexes, etc.).
The result is SPC.


Prevent scrap; produce only good-quality products

Gather real-time data from all network-connected measuring devices and then forecast defect occurrence using statistical process control.

Put your company's valuable measurement results to good use in improving quality. The quality of tomorrow's products can be known today.

Diverse and Easy-To-Use Data Collection Screens

2D View

With work photos and drawing data in the background, measurements can be displayed using connecting lines, and these documents can be used in place of work orders. Also, the results of tolerance judgments can be shown with frame colors.

Data sheet

Individual measurement values can be displayed in tabular format to show multiple measurements in an easy-to-understand manner.

Screen layouts

With document manager control, flexible screen layouts are possible.

Extensive Statistical Analysis Function Support (Xbar-R Control Charts, Run Charts, etc.)


Using the diverse range of statistical analysis and display functions, you can obtain results applicable to your particular situation and objectives


  • Continuous values: Xbar-R, Xbar-s, X-Rs, EWMA control charts, histograms, run charts, pre-control charts, tier charts, box plot charts, meter charts, indicator bars, multivariate control charts, etc.


  • Measurement values: p, np, c, and u control charts; Pareto diagrams; and pie charts.
  • Maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation, average ±3σ/ 4σ/ 6σ, process capability indexes (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk), defect rate, etc.



Alarm Function Warns Operators of Abnormalities


A warning is sent to the operator when abnormalities (Out of Tolerance, Out of Control Limit) occur. The warning method can be selected as a pop-up window display, email notification, log file entry, etc.

Banner-LP_1710x480px2 (1).png



In-line measurement enables 100% inspection and centralized management. The resulting earlier discovery of defective products enables faster countermeasures and rework cost reductions, with the end result being an increase in profit.



Early Discovery of Defective Products


The MACH-3A makes it possible to discover defective products at an early stage in the production process. 


Installation of the "MACH-3A" 3D measuring device makes it possible to discover defective products at an early stage in the production process. Through the early discovery of defective products, you can hold down the costs that such products generate.


Raise to 80% the percentage for "defective product discovery" in the production process stage.


MeasurLink, MiCAT Planner, and Smart Factories

It is clear that manufacturing industry process control is extremely important, not only for the production floor but also for corporate management.


In a Smart Factory, all equipment in the factory is connected to the Internet, and a diverse range of information is collected, analyzed, and managed so it can be put to good use on the production floor and in corporate management.
Through the installation of MeasurLink and MiCAT Planner, you can take a step forward in the realization of a Smart Factory.





Headquarters in the home country can be continuously connected via a network to factories dotting the globe. As market globalization progresses, connections between sites are expanding to a worldwide scale in the manufacturing industry. This is truly an era in which quality must be sustained at factories throughout the world.



Global Control of Quality Assurance Data

An increasing number of companies have factories overseas, primarily in Asia, and this includes not only huge enterprises but also medium- and small-sized firms. So it is important to produce products at a high-quality level at factories across the globe. By installing MeasurLink, you can perform centralized management of the measurement results of factories everywhere and achieve quality increases globally.


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