Have a complex prototype part?

Looking for a more accurate measurement?

Need an accredited third party to sort out a dispute?

Quick intermediate upscaling of resources required?

Ensure 100% conforming products are delivered to your customer. On-time!


Mitutoyo Offers Accredited, High-Quality, Cost-Effective Measurement, and Part Programming Services for Your Parts.


Our Measurement Services Departments are equipped with the most advanced and efficient measuring hardware and software available.


Rely on the most actual and best-serviced systems for 3D Coordinate-, Vision- and Roundness Measuring as well Height Gauges, Projectors, Hardness Testing Equipment, Small Tools, and our SPC Software, MeasurLink.


The experts at Mitutoyo are ready for your toughest measurement challenge.

Measurement Services


Mitutoyo’s Measurement Services helps you to bridge gaps between customers’ expectations and the limitations of in-house inspection resources. 


Mitutoyo ISO-accredited measurement laboratories operate advanced CMMs and VMMs for general-purpose measurement plus specialized equipment such as Roundness, Contour, Surface Finish, and Hardness testers that are all maintained and calibrated to the highest standards and operate in a stable 20˚C environment.


> Roundness Measurements


> Dimensional Measurements


> Geometry and Shape


> Prototype Verification


> Static Analysis


> Design & Development Studies


> Sample Inspection First Report


> Hardness Tests


> Programming On Site


> Surface Roughness Measurement



> CAD/CAM Links


> Reverse Engineering


> Machine/Process Capability


> Scan/Digitize


> First/Last Verification


> Profile Measurement


> Profile Comparison


> Offline Programming

(Geometry, Scanning, etc.)


> Mold and Die Measurement



Part Programming Services


  • Want to get a new CMM or VMM productive quickly?
  • Looking to maximize the efficiency of your equipment?
  • Currently short on programmers? 

Reduce machine cycle times and inspection costs.

Call on Mitutoyo’s expert programmers to bridge the gap!

Download the Mitutoyo Mesurement Services Leaflet

Please contact your country's Mitutoyo sales organization for more information.