High-Speed 5-Axis Shopfloor CMM Kit

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MiSTAR 555


Highly environment-resistant coordinate measuring machine,
allowing on-site inspection outside the measuring room.


MiSTAR 555 is a CNC coordinate measuring machine conceived to be a “measuring machine for any environment”. Wide accuracy-guaranteed temperature range, environment-resistant absolute scale, and all-in-one space-saving design. With performance that sets it apart from conventional coordinate measuring machines,
MiSTAR 555 will help boost your productivity.



With an environment-resistant absolute scale*1 and revamped body structure, MiSTAR 555 is a contamination-resistant coordinate measuring machine. Highly reliable as a result of real-time temperature compensation technology that guarantees accuracy over a wide temperature range, it delivers a length measurement error of E0, MPE (2.2 + 3L /1000) μm*2. These features make it so that the MiSTAR 555 can be installed and operated next to machine tools on production lines, unlike typical CMMs.



Cantilever architecture used to open the measurement area on three sides is the result of overhauling the measuring machine body design, starting from its material quality. Compared with a portal architecture, it makes moving workpieces on and off the measuring table significantly easier. The user-friendliness of MiSTAR 555, enabled by being open on three sides, can be seen especially on shop floors and the like where workspace is
often limited.


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Application software that offers both functionality and operability.


We offer an extensive lineup of application software for generating measurement programs automatically, conducting gear analysis, performing evaluations using CAD and so on. From simple to complex measurements, these software applications can resolve any measurement issues that our customers may encounter.



Data Processing Software for CMMs

A family of dedicated programs for coordinate measuring machines.
A basic software with rich functionality and a wide variety of optional programs allows you to measure and analyze any workpiece.


MiCAT Planner V2.0

Automatic Measurement Program Generation Software for CMMs

Allows you to automatically generate measuring programs from the 3D CAD model. Ready-to-use programs are generated in the shortest time based on the minimum number of probe repositionings, number of probe changes, and shortest measurement path assessed by the optimization software.




Rapid tactile measurements at any probe angle:


  • Head touch for improved repeatability
  • Feature-based calibration for improved accuracy
  • Automatic stylus change with TP20 modules and optional TCR20 change rack
  • Allowing subsequent measurement at any head angle
  • Full support in MCOSMOS and MiCAT Planner
  • 5-axis control on CMM’s with UC400 / 480 controller and PHC20 interface




A compact probe module rack, providing quick and repeatable tool changing, the TCR20 is a standard used on CMMs throughout various industries:    

1. Tip Correction: 
    The inclusion of integrated tip correction artifacts enhances measurement accuracy.
2. Port Design: 
    The design allows the accommodation of up to six TP20 module combinations, enabling precise and repeatable module changes.
3.Quick Alignment: 
    A straightforward alignment routine ensures that the TCR20 can be set up and ready for use within a few minutes.
4.Compact Design:
    This suggests that the product is designed to be small and space-efficient, making it suitable for environments where space is a consideration.
5.Suitable for a wide range of CMM sizes:
    The product is versatile and can be used with various sizes of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). 


Easy Approach in Any Angle

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