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Quick Vision Pro Series

High-Throughput Stream Function For Continuous Elements

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High-Speed Vision Measurement

Highly Advanced Non-Contact Measurement Technology


Introducing the High-Throughput Stream Function for Continuous Elements, the latest innovation from Mitutoyo's Quick Vision Pro series.


This powerful technology offers an efficient and precise solution for measuring continuous elements, such as edges and circles, with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


With its advanced image processing capabilities and intuitive user interface, the High-Throughput Stream Function simplifies the measurement process, allowing users to quickly and easily capture high-quality data with minimal effort.


Whether you're working in a fast-paced manufacturing environment or conducting research in a lab setting, the High-Throughput Stream Function provides a versatile and reliable solution for all your measurement needs.


Upgrade your measurement capabilities today with the Quick Vision Pro series and experience the power of the Stream Function!



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Cutting-Edge Stream Function: Revolutionize Your Quality Control Process!




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This function requires a Quick Vision Pro machine in order to work. For further use of the STREAM function after the 6-month trial period ends, the purchase of this Quick Vision pro function is necessary.


By requesting the Mitutoyo Stream function FREE TRIAL you agree that an authorized representative of Mitutoyo Europe will contact you via email to provide you with a dongle to unlock the function in your software. This requires completeness and correctness of your contact information, especially email and your telephone number.