CNC Rockwell Hardness Testing


For a single machine that has the capability to perform Rockwell, Brinell, and even Brinell & Vickers depth hardness testing, the HR-600 Series is perfect for the job!


Go above and beyond


The HR-600 Series, in addition to a standard Rockwell hardness testing model, offers machines with high added value that can even test micro-Brinell hardness as well as the hardness of plastics! The series lineup also consists of models with Y-axis stage mobility that support fully automatic multi-point Rockwell hardness testing. Its key focus is on flexibility on the shop floor, where a wide range of materials — from metals to plastic may need to be tested. 


With a table for mounting workpieces combined with a vertically mobile head, the HR-600 Series is built with an operator's job in mind. Its new design is highly focused on end-user usability, and the entire product structure has been ingeniously designed for functional beauty — a true embodiment of Mitutoyo’s pioneering spirit. 


The HR-600 Series can test a wide variety of workpieces, ranging from those made of metal (crankshafts, cylinder blocks, etc.) to softer workpieces (brake pads, plastic parts, etc.), and supports both Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing on a single machine. 


The touch display screen lets you view test results on the spot with the possibility to choose from five displays according to what you need to view.


The HR-600 Series also offers many features useful for measurement and analysis, such as those that allow the user to directly select the hardness scale of their choice and statistical analysis features that can help them analyze multiple test results.


By installing an X-axis stage on an HR-620B machine and creating a system that coordinates with robots, you can automate the testing procedure, from mounting workpieces to sorting. 

Endless Possibilities

HR-600 Series Features and Specifications


  • Up to 7 different testing methods


This makes it a versatile tool ready to tackle tasks in production, goods inward inspections, and quality control in general.

  • Wide range of materials supported for testing


We offer useful items such as PCs for remote operation software and V-anvils for round workpieces. The HR-600 Series supports testing of a wide range of materials — from hard metals to thin, soft plastics — and also special tests, such as simultaneous testing of multiple materials.


  • Capable of many testing methods that are used throughout many industries


Testing Methods
Rockwell JIS B 7726, ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18
Brinell JIS B 7724, ISO 6506-2, ASTM E10
Plastic ISO 2039-1 / JIS K 7202-2, ISO 2039-2, ASTM D785
Brinell Depth Measurement VDI / VDE 2616
Vickers Depth Measurement VDI / VDE 2616
  • Makes testing large workpieces easy


Due to the large working area, big Z-axis travel height, and maximum table load of 100 kg — the HR-600 series is an extremely versatile machine perfect for testing workpieces of various sizes and materials.


  • All models are smart factory ready


With the possibility to improve your workflows via wireless data transmission, every single model in the HR-600 series can be used with Mitutoyo's world-renowned U-WAVE wireless transmitters.

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